Here are a few maps to help you understand where the Villages that TVCIB supports are in Bhutan
Map of Bhutan
Bhutan is a small country in the Eastern Himalayas, south of China and north of India. How small? Well, just for fun, you can visit a website called THE TRUE SIZE
, search for Bhutan, zoom in until you see it (highlighted in dark blue) and then simply drag it onto a territory that you are familiar with.

Zhemgang Dzongkhag (district)
The pink area in this map of Bhutan indicates Zhemgang Dzungang (district), touching the Indian border.

The eight Gewogs (village blocks) (district)
Zhemgang Dzungang (district) is divided into 8 Gewogs, of which Ngangla is the southernmost, and this is further divided into 5 Chiwogs (village blocks).

Chiwogs in Ngangla Gewog
As its primary mission, The Village Children in Bhutan (TVCIB) will operate a daycare center serving the three southernmost of these five Chiwogs: Ribati, Marangduet and Panbang-Sonamthang, which comprise several small villages. Kagtong and Ngangla Trong Chiwogs are too far to benefit from the daycare center but fall within the limits of TVCIB's secondary mission which is to provide outreach to all of Panbang Dunkhag, a sub-district of Zhemgang that consists of the four southernmost Gewogs: Phangkhar, Goshing, Bjoka and Ngangla.

The eight Gewogs (village blocks) (district)

Map of villages

project site in Sonamthang...

  1. Beside this mountain are Goshing and Pantang Gewogs. (A Gewog is a village block. Scroll down to see maps of Bhutan and its A large black paved road connects to Zhemgang District, passing through Rebitee village on the way.
  2. Behind this last mountain (north-east of Ngangla) is Bjoka Gewog, the most remote part of Zhemgang Dzongkhag (district). In 2016, Mr. Bhandari personally delivered 180 pairs of EVA slippers and 300 story books to Bjoka Primary School (see testimonies). Bjoka will be too far away to benefit from TVCIB daycare services but falls within the scope of TVCIB's secondary outreach mission.
  3. Below this mountain is Ngangla Trong, reachable by unpaved farm roads that cannot be travelled by vehicle during the summer (during monsoon season), as the roads are all blocked. Beyond this, the village of Kagtong in the northernmost part of Ngangla Gewog.
  4. Here is Thinleygang, where we find a middle secondary school serving all four Gewog village people.
  5. Here is Drangmechu (River). A bit further down, this river joins with another river (Mangduechu) and the local people call it Manas river when it reaches the India Border (you may find that Google Maps calls it Manas River throughout this region).

...and surrounding villages

  1. Here we find Marangdutt village.
  2. Prichang village is here.
  3. This farm road leads to Yumdang village and is also difficult to travel during monsoon season.
  4. Here is the location of the land (plot NGN-2522) that Bhandari has chosen as the ideal location for his daycare center that will also serve as main headquarters for The Village Children in Bhutan. The plot has access to the large paved road that passes through Sonamthang and the land slopes a bit, so some minor excavation will be required to level it out.